BolderBoulder Press Conference

The organizers of the BolderBOULDER do an incredible job. It takes them the entire year to plan for this one day that overtakes the entire city. Steve Bosley is the founder and Cliff Bosley, his son, is the race director. Click here to hear Cliff’s interview on my radio podcast. 

At the press conference, which took place the day before the race, Cliff talked about the formation of the BolderBOULDER and its long 39 year history.  He also shared some interesting facts — 95 race starts; 31 qualified running waves; jogging waves; run/walking waves; walking waves and more. I found it interesting that there are also nine satellite BolderBOULDER’s around the world, especially at airbases in the Middle East. He even mentioned that middle school age students trained for this race!

He said there were 2,400 volunteers during the day of the race. Nine countries, in addition to the USA, were represented including: Kenya, Mexico, Tanzania, China, Cuba and more. Team USA had nine professional runners.

Through the years, more than $3.8 million in prize money was paid out!

“The thing that I find most special about this race is the openness and inclusion of runners from around the world,” said Bosley.

Here’s a collage of me posing with some of the professional athletes:

Team Brazil

A Cuban elite runner and me

Team USA

Team Mexico

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