Once Again Has Great “Butter” Products

These days, many triathletes tend to eat energy bars and energy gels that may not be the “healthiest” to eat. They tend to forget that peanut butter and its alternatives — almond butter, sunflower butter, cashew butter, etc., are a perfect energy food for triathletes. These types of “butter” products give you more protein and fiber than its energy bar counterparts.

As a matter of fact, Active quoted a Purdue study which said: “subjects who ate peanuts every day did not overeat daily calories. (Kirkmeyer, Int’l J Obesity 24:1167, 2000). Peanut eaters tend to naturally eat less at other times of the day. (Alper, Int’l J Obesity 26:1129, 2002).”

So, after reading about the benefits of eating nuts and “butter” type products, I decided to pick up a couple of jars of Once Again from the supermarket. I purchased the Sunflower Butter and the Peanut Butter. I also bought a couple of individual packets of Almond Butter.

The company also sells the following products:

Vegan, Organic Nut Butter

  • Almond Butter
  • Cashew Butter
  • Peanut Butter
  • Seed Butter

Packaged Nuts

  • Dry Roasted Almonds
  • Whole Roasted Cashews

Dawes Hill Honey

  • Killer Bee Honey
  • Clover Honey
  • Wildflower Honey

Bulk Natural Peanut Butter

I’ve tried Almond Butter and obviously Peanut Butter before but I have never tried Sunflower Butter. It was awesome. It tasted sweet, creamy and smooth. I thought it was particularly good in my smoothies or on an English Muffin to get me started in the morning before a tough workout. I was really impressed. The other products were awesome too!

I never really liked peanut butter growing up, probably because my parents bought the preservative type peanut butter that is mass marketed. As I got older, I decided to experiment with natural peanut butter that you grind in the store and fell in love. I found that all of the Once Again products tasted great and the best part – they are all natural, with no preservatives or added ingredients. The nuts are dry roasted and gluten free.  They use only top of the line ingredients and are organic. In addition to that, all of Once Again products are Kosher.

Once Again was founded in the 70’s and since then have expanded and have become a company that is 100% employee owned.

What’s also really cool about this company, they offer amazing recipes on their blog and throughout the website. So if you’re looking for something different, interesting and truly delicious, check them out.


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