As triathlon season is in full gear, it is time to talk about preventing injuries. To discuss this, I met with Dr. Marc Taczanowski on YouTube Live, as a part of a live webinar series for WeRTriathletes. Dr. Marc is the expert in injury prevention and was 1 of 2 Chiropractors selected from the USA to be part of the medical staff for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia! He has written numerous articles and published papers on the subject and is someone you will definitely learn from. He works with athletes around the country to help them reach their goals.


Some take-a-ways from our talk:

  • Be as inquisitive as possible. Never let the treatment just happen without trying to understand what the treatment is doing.
  • If the body is trying to create tightness somewhere, find out why it is creating that tightness. Do not fight it, but understand why it’s happening and manipulate it somehow.
  • Stretching is recommend in two scenarios only:
    • When you are trying to return a muscle back to it’s normal resting length (i.e. after performing rigorous activity and you feel like they are tight because the muscles are just really bound up.)
    • For analysis
  • Everyone has the potential to unlock more athletic ability within his or her own body.
  • When do you know it is time to stop training when you experience pain? Dr. Marc states that when the pain level is a 3, you can change your gate, go faster, go slower, or do a little stretching. If that pain remains the same, or increases at all, it is probably time to shut down. If you are able to make that pain diminish, it’s safe to continue. He advises that even if the pain does go away, you should still investigate why it happened in the first place.
  • If you miss a day for whatever reason, then it is missed. Don’t try to tack it on to the next week. The largest percentage of patients or athletes who do better than they expect, are the people who undertrain. The people who do poorer than expected, are the ones who over train. Learn to know when to shut down.


Dr. Marc practices at True Sport Care located in Nesconset, NY. If you can’t make it to the office, he has done sessions over Skype and has a YouTube channel filled with helpful exercises. You can contact him at


Watch the rest of the talk to gain more insights on injury prevention and learn about Dr. Marc’s experience as a part of the medical staff for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia:

Happy training!

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