Read This and You Can Win A Pair of Balega Silver Socks!

I want to start this out by disclosing that I am an ambassador for Balega International. I met the company a year ago at The Running Event in Orlando, tried the socks and was hooked.

Before Balega, I kept getting terrible blisters on and between my toes. I know that sounds awful and it was. I finally started to use coconut oil in conjunction with the Balega’s and have been blister free for the past year!

Recently, Balega introduced a new sock called the Balega Silver. What’s cool about this sock is it is made with silver. Here are some of the benefits:

  • blister-resist technology,
  • ultra durable blends of Mohair and Drynamix Polyester offering climate control,

Silver possesses the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and reflectivity of any metal, and it made its way into Balega socks. What this means is: lasting antibacterial properties and performance that keep away mold, fungi and more and keeps your feet feeling happy and fresh during any run.

I put the socks to the test. I wore them during a long run with Team Galloway Long Island at Fire Island one weekend in October. It was brisk out and the running surfaces ranged from sand, concrete, boardwalk and brick. We even had to run through puddles! I was curious after 11 miles how my feet would feel and you know what? They felt great.

I can’t say I wasn’t sore after the run and for the day following that but I can say that the socks held up. I felt comfortable, dry and I had no blisters!

Balega International offered me an opportunity to give a free pair away on this blog. Write in the comment section below why you think you should win and I’ll put all entries in a hat and draw it to get the winner. Good luck and happy running!

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