Rudy Project’s Rydon Eyewear Review

I heard about the Rudy Project several years before I started competing in triathlons.

I had just started running and read an article endorsing their eyewear.

That prompted me to go to my local Cohen’s Optical and ordered myself a pair of Rudy Project glasses for running. I fell in love.  At first I enjoyed having the removable lenses, so that I could wear my contacts with the glasses. But after that, when I stopped wearing contact lenses, I had wished that the prescription was part of the actual lenses.

Fast forward a few years, and Rudy Project was back in my sight. I recently ordered a pair of prescription eyewear for cycling and running.  I wanted them to be photochromic, so they would stay clear when it was dark and then get dark as soon as the sun was out. They arrived quicker than I thought.

I was impressed when they showed up and were feather light. (My older pair was much heavier.)

I also loved the shape of the lenses. I put them on and felt “badass.” (Okay, okay, I may not be “badass” when I compete, but at least I could feel that way!)

When I ran with the new RX Rydon eyewear, I noticed how snug it fit on my face. I bounced around and it didn’t shift. When I put my helmet on, I found it shifted a little until I positioned it right.

When I put the Rydon on, I didn’t feel like they were there.

My only complaint was that I didn’t get progressive lenses. When I questioned the company, the rep said, “it can be done but needs to be done by a registered retailer.” So, I didn’t get it done.

Rudy Project makes great products and their sports glasses are no different! The Rydon eyewear comes in a variety of colors. Although these are pretty hot looking, the next pair will be green lenses. (I just like the color.)

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