It’s Run@Work Day and YOU, Yes You Can Win a Nathan’s Prize Pack!

I never heard of Run@Work Day until Nathan’s reached out to me to see if I would be interested in holding a contest on my blog for a complete Nathan’s Prize package! I figured why not? I know you all love contests so before I tell you what you need to do, here’s info on what Run@Work Day is all about:

According to RoadRunner’s Club of America, Run@Work Day is held on September 15 and it’s a nationwide fitness effort. Company-based wellness programs, human resources departments, running clubs, running events, running shoe stores, teachers, coaches parents, and individuals nationwide are encouraged to plan fun runs and walks around the country with their employers or at local schools.

They say on the website, “the goal of RUN@WORK Day and RUN@School Day is to encourage adults and children to get at least 30-minutes of exercise each day, in accordance with the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, either before work/school, during lunch, or immediately following work/school. RUN@WORK Day also encourages companies to help employees schedule time for physical activity. Incorporating exercise into one’s daily routine can markedly improve one’s overall physical health.”

So to kick it off, let me know what you are doing today and I will put whoever comments on the blog in a bowl and choose the winner… Here’s what you can win:

Good luck and happy running! (or swimming or biking or whatever you plan on doing!)

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