Recently I did a 24 hour treadmill run to raise funds and awareness for Prostate cancer. On August 30th I am going to Pocatello Idaho to make an attempt at qualifying for the 2015 Boston Marathon. However, this race will have a much greater significance than a BQ. It will be the kick off of my 2700 mile run for prostate cancer.

That’s right, 2700 miles will represent the 270,000 men that will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. The journey will begin in Pocatello Idaho with the marathon. From Pocatello I will head over to Bend Oregon to start the run to D.C. I will end the journey by running the Marine Corps Marathon as part of a prostate cancer awareness foundation.

In addition, I hope to raise $30,000.00 to represent the 30,000 men that will die from prostate cancer this year.

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Along the way I will be stopping in towns and handing out literature speaking at clinics and spreading the word about prevention and treatment.

Let’s start our own battle. Let’s start talking about it OPENLY!! Create races and fundraisers! Support races, walks and any other platform out there to bring awareness to the public. Let’s stop brushing prostate cancer under the carpet. Let’s show our wives, daughters, mothers and sons that we are not afraid to face this issue!

And let’s go kick Cancer’s ASS!

Great ways you can Help me make this all possible. Buy a mile. We have 76 sold already. Let’s sponsor all 2700! Tell your friends pass on the link. I need RV support along the people. People willing to spend a day or two or three driving the RV. Corporate sponsors are welcome as well. We will be talking the cause all across the country and brining recognition to all our sponsors. Please help us! Donate or volunteer today.


coachjeff2Coach Jeff Kline has been training runners and triathletes since 1999.  He has train countless numbers of athletes to personal best that include Boston Marathons, World Triathlon 70.3 Championships and Ironman Championships. He lives in Lyons, CO and can be reached at