5 Tips for Running in the Cold

It’s cold, really cold… and there may be snow on the ground, but you still want to stay fit and run. So, how do you do it? Personal trainer and co-founder of HEAT Running, Joseph Phillips, offers these five tips on running in the cold.

1) Wear a hat. Most body heat exits through your head, so stay warm by wearing a hat. If you get too warm you can always remove it and stuff it in your pocket or even hold it in your hand while running. 

2) Warmup. Be sure to warm up properly. Pulling a muscle is a very real possibility in the cold, so a good dynamic warmup before you run is important. 

3) Layers. Layer up in order to keep warm. Long Johns and long spandex are close fitting and the friction caused by your movement will help keep you warm. 

4) Gloves are a good idea to help insulate your hands from wind and cold air while in movement. 

5) Stay hydrated. Being hydrated isn’t just for the heat. You will sweat in the cold so make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.  

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