A Triathlon Board Game?

If you thought you’ve seen everything, think again! In comes the Triathlon Series – The Board Game. You can have two to four players playing the game and it takes you through a series of challenges that enables you to become an amateur triathlete while preparing for the mental game.

There are various phases in the game including: management, swim split, management, bike split, management, run split and then the final sprint. During the game, you will have group and individual cards which will tell you if everyone has to perform the activity or just you.

In addition to the phases there are different levels like energy and mindfulness – red being low, yellow – medium and green advanced. The injury card obviously affects your technical level.

The bike holds you back or pushes you forward. You will need to have six phases in order to go forward.

Once you have all your levels completed, you will then turn to the dice for the actual race.

I love the idea of this board game, but I did find it a little complicated with lots of elements. I had to watch the video several times and had to read the manual a few times as well just to understand how to play. Aside from this, I thought it was an awesome concept for anyone who knows of a triathlete who has everything!

If you know of someone competing in his first Ironman or first sprint triathlon and you want to get him/her something different, this is the perfect gift. You can get it it here for $55 – http://www.afterracegames.com/product/triathlon-series-the-board-game/