Bill Brenner Provides Tips to WeRTriathletes to Swim Faster in Open Water

Recently, on YouTube Live with WeRTriathletes, Bill Brenner, of US Masters Swimming, provided tips and strategies on how to swim faster in the open water. Here are a few of his tips:

  • Know your environment and skill set before engaging in open water swimming.
  • In cold water, the swimmer should wear a wetsuit to avoid shock to the body.
  • Warm up before engaging in a full blown out swim.
  • Swimming with a group, counting the number of strokes, and staying focused are all factors that will minimize one’s fear of swimming in open water.
  • Mastering stroke rotation, breathing properly, and being aware of one’s body position are factors that help to swim faster in open water.

To learn more, watch the WeRTriathletes YouTube live seminar –

About Bill Brenner:

Bill, a native of Florida has been in love with the open water for over 35 years. For six years, Bill has been an active member of United States Masters Swimming, which provides programs that cater to people with different swimming abilities. USMS educates over 700 coaches annually nationwide.