Let’s take a moment and talk about gear.  What do you bring with you on your run? A water bottle? An iPhone? Gu?

No matter if I’m running two miles or 10 miles, I always dress the same way in the spring and summer months. I wear:

  • compression sleeves on my legs for the shin splints (although I find that nothing really helps)
  • shorts or capri running pants
  • my Asics gel sneakers (but I’m not sure if I should switch back to Brooks or Nike Running Shoes)
  • a sports bra (which is definitely a story for another post. If you have a great sports bra that you wear, please share!)
  • a tank top (always loose and a size bigger than I normally wear)
  • a running belt (I bought a great one at the Diva Half Marathon, called iFitness. It’s so super comfortable and the water bottles stays put. My old belt the water bottles kept falling out. I always fill up the two 12 oz of water and it’s always gone at the end of the run.)
  • a cap (of course to keep the sun out of my eyes)
  • a pair of Maui Jim sun glasses
  • and, of course, my new Nike Sportswatch (which I have some problems with because it doesn’t always find the gps signal but overall I really enjoy it.  I actually even compete against business associates through the Nike app.)

So what do you wear and do you have any great routes you would like to share?


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