I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time buying running shoes.  I don’t know which one to get. Should I buy Nike, Mizuno, Brooks, New Balance, Newton’s, Hoka One One’s???

I feel like I keep getting injured.  This may be a product of the way I run, the speed in which I run or it may have something to do with the fact that I don’t stretch enough.  Whatever the case, I’m just not sure what brand is best for me.

I went to the Runner’s Edge in Farmingdale.  The place was packed and I waited a couple of minutes before  an elderly man asked me if he could help me find the right running shoes.

“Yes, thank you,” I said.  “I am having some problems pronating, my ankle is bothering me and I get shin splints.”

“Okay,” he said, “stand up and let me see your feet. Since they are narrow, let me find a couple of pairs that I think will work.”

“Do you think I should try the Hoka One One shoes?” I asked him. I didn’t see them anywhere in the store, yet I saw a promotion in my email that they were there.

“I’m not a fan,” he said, “they are like wearing big marshmellow’s on your feet.”

“My husband told me to get another pair of Newton’s,” I said.

“I’m not sure they would be good for you,” he said.

He went into the back and came out with four different brands of shoes – New Balance, Brooks, Mizuno and Asics. He had me compare the feel of each brand to each other.  I thought the New Balance pair would be the winners but  once I tried the Mizuno’s I knew that they were the most supportive for my feet. I bought the Wave Inspire 9 in a size 8.

When I went to try them on at home, they were too tight.  I remembered that the policy — exchanges within 14 days, so I rushed over there to return. (Knowing me, I would wait too long and not be able to return them.) When I showed the salesperson the pair I bought, she said, “these are narrow. Maybe you need regulars?”

She evaluated my feet and asked me to walk.  “I don’t think you need such intensive shoes.  Why don’t you go neutral? Your last pair were Asics right?  They were neutral?”

She went into the back and brought out a few other pairs of shoes.  “Do you have Brooks Ghosts?” I asked. I remembered that I ran the NYC Half in those and I liked them. When I tried them on, I ended up returning the Mizunos and purchased the Brooks.  I hope they work out!

How do you buy shoes?  Do you find that you buy the same brand each time? How many miles can you go in your sneakers?



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