I love music.  Sometimes I love to listen to music during my long runs and other times, I just like the quiet.  But, when I’m running a long race, there’s nothing better to pump you up then when you hear amazing music as you run by.  Many long races have performers stationed in select locations to help keep you motivated and on track.

That’s what going to happen at the 2013 NYC Marathon and new artist, Caiikie, will be one of the many performers there.  However, Caiikie is different.  She’s likely to be the next pop star after Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

I don’t know Caiikie.  I met her recently on Twitter through her music publisher, 7Seas Records.  7Seas saw that I blog about running and reached out to me.  They asked if I would be open to checking out some videos of Caiikie and I was impressed.  I liked her music and thought she was motivating.

On Sunday, November 3rd, Caiikie will be performing on 1st and 125th Street in Manhattan during the last leg of the NYC Marathon.

Here is her latest song – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbBtMT3iNP8&feature=youtu.be

And, here’s some background on Caiikie:

Caiikie started singing the moment she could mumble. She was born in Simi Valley, California the moved to Columbus, Ohio at age 5. With the support of her parents, Caiikie began professional vocal lessons at age 11 and became the youngest girl to audition for and participate in a community women’s singing group. From there she went on with show choirs, acting, and held many lead roles in musicals/plays. Caiikie attended The Ohio State University where she continued singing and performing.

After graduation in 2010 she moved to New York City to pursue her dream. She had the opportunity to audition for the hit television show ‘The Voice’ and advanced to the second round. Caiikie also participated and received 2nd place in a NYC talent show at the Stonewall Inn, “Stonewall Sensations” in 2012. Because of this competition, she gained a following. Caiikie has been asked to perform at many charity events and local clubs. Based on momentum gained from her performances, Caiikie ventured on to seek producers in hopes of creating her own original music. She connected with Leptune (PenPlatinum) of 7Seas Records and The HitClub who sought singers to demo songs and to sing his original material. Her recent single, “Love Again” is featured on iTunes.

“I want people to be able to turn on my music and have my voice help them feel connected, worthy of themselves, and worthy of taking up space in this world,” she said. “They should feel comfortable with their emotions. When they listen to my music I want them to feel a sense of community. Music moves mountains. I want them to turn to my voice to feel motivated to achieve their dreams.”

Achieve their dreams?  Caiikie is a perfect artist to play at the NYC Marathon since she will be helping the runners achieve their dreams as they complete the 2013 NYC Marathon.  What a major accomplishment!  Best of luck to Caiikie and all the runners…