Discount Codes for Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes

We are grateful for all of our sponsors and blog supporters. Here are discount codes that we would love for you to enjoy. Plus there are a few other sponsors, if you love our blog, please reach out to them and let them know you saw them here. Thanks for all your support!


  • EventPower

    – (Long Island Race Company) Go to Use code: TCD5 for $5 off duathlons; Use code: TCD10f for $10 off sprint; Use code: TCD15 for $15 of Olympic; Use code: TCD20 $20 of half 




  • TriBike Transport

    – $35 off bike travel to Ironman events and some select events. Please do the following: (Each team member must log into their website in order to use the promo code; Log in: email address; Password: DECEMBER (can be changed upon logging in); Promo Code: TRILOGO35 (You must join the team to get this discount. Go to and sign up. It’s free!) 


  • Rock ’n’ Roll Seattle, San Francisco and San Jose

    – Go to: Use code HILARY10 for $10 off!



  • Final Surge

    – Go to: Use code: WRT for 10% off – This is a coaching/athlete site. Athletes can use for FREE!!!!


  • Zealios

    – These are swim products for hair like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, chamois cream, sun tan lotion and more. Awesome stuff! Go to Use code: ZupWeRTriathletes18 for 25% off


  • DemoSports

    (NJ triathlon race company with awesome races) – Go to Use code WERTRI2018 for $10 off 


  • ROKA

    – You must be a member of the team to get the discount. Sign up first with WeRTriathletes then, sign up for discounts by going to – Log in here the use Team Handle: WeRTriathletes, Team Passcode – 2373. You will get 25% off swim wear, wetsuits, and more!



Please check out these sponsors too:

 True Sport Care
Queens Chamber of Commerce
Once Again Nut Butter
Peak Triathlon Coaching
and Brands Cycle and Fitness!