I never heard of Endurance Films before I embarked on my latest venture to organize the NY TRI EXPO ’16. But once I knew what they did, I was extremely impressed!

They have dozens and dozens of videos ranging from stretches and yoga to cycling around the country to running drills with Bobby McGee!

If you subscribe to their service, you can even get to hear what famous coaches and pro-triathletes have to say about everything from running, cycling and swimming.  They have all the greats on the site including Sage Roundtree, Joe Friel, Mark Allen, Jeff Galloway and more!

I love the cycling videos.  They are similar to a Sufferfest except the video quality is exceptional.  You can take a ride through the rockies, southern California, New York’s Bear Mountain and even in Texas!

The site includes a series on the mental game of triathlon. On one of the videos, Andy Potts takes you through an entire triathlon and offers tips and strategies for race effectiveness.

This is one of the coolest triathlon/endurance sports sites out there and definitely worth a look.

Danny Kolker and Eric Feller are the brains behind Endurance Films. The two are childhood friends who grew up in San Diego, CA. When I asked Eric how he got involved in filming endurance films, he said,

“I was working in film production in LA in late 90’s. I was approached with an interesting idea to produce a documentary on the formation of the inaugural Olympic Triathlon Team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  The success of the film opened our eyes to the budding triathlon market and need for quality video training resources.”

And so, the two friends started a business called Endurance Films and have produced dozens and dozens of high quality videos and training videos for the triathlon market. They will both be at the upcoming NY TRI EXPO ’16 where they will be interviewing key sponsors and some of the highlights of the event.  Register today to meet these guys and check out some of the cool stuff they are doing. Here’s the link: http://nytriexpo.com/registration use code: ATD_NYTE16 for discounted tickets.

P.S. If anyone wants a free trial, go to http://www.endurancefilmsti.com/trial