Final Surge, The New Platform for Coaches and Athletes

I found out about Final Surge at a conference in Atlanta. I was psyched. I have been using Training Peaks for years now and I find the program cumbersome and not the most user friendly. Finally, a competitor to Training Peaks, I thought. So, I purchased it for my Team Galloway LI team.

How many running programs on Long Island have a coaching platform? I thought that by getting this, it would be a game changer for our program and help the athletes get to their next level. easily installed it on my computer and downloaded the Final Surge app. I was immediately impressed!

The cool thing about Final Surge as opposed to Training Peaks, is there is no fee for the athletes, the only one who pays is the coach. The fee is currently $39 a month or $390 for the year for up to 100 athletes. (Training Peak charges you per athlete.)

The other neat feature is that Final Surge easily connects to your Garmin, Map My Run or STRAVA accounts.

Everything is easy to navigate, with the drag and drop features and the ability to color code certain workouts. You can even put in your heart rate/daily vitals and log mileage on your shoes or bike.

Every day, you can either get a text message with the workout or you get an email. When you log in your workout with STRAVA, it turns your workout either Green (meaning that you completed it), Yellow (which means that you started but didn’t finish) or Red (which means that you didn’t do the workout).

For the coach, there are so many different benefits and so much analytics that you can gather from Final Surge. I particularly like that coaches can create conversations, like a social networking site, within Final Surge on the message boards.

Final Surge was invented by two friends who met in college. Both were athletes and both were programmers. Tim, one of the owners, was even a professional triathlete!

This coaching/athlete platform is really awesome. I’ve tried several within the last few years and I find this to be a good, solid program. (I’m currently using it for the Team Galloway LI members and am finding it awesome — very simple to use!)

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