Four products for your tri bag!

I recently came across these four products and thought they were worthy of mentioning for your upcoming tri!


The Better Bungee is made of polyurethane blend called Betterhane 8000. They withstand extreme weather conditions, resistant to oil, salt water and household chemicals; won’t break or crack; always retains its stretch and weighs less than a traditional bungee cord. It comes in a variety of colors and if you’re a triathlete, bungees definitely come in handy!  A four pack is $14.99 on Amazon. 

IMG_0166CVS Ultra Strength Muscle Spray- This product is like Ben Gay on steroids! It works wonders and the best part, it’s not greasy and it doesn’t get all over everything. It still has a strong menthol aroma but it’s a spray and you can put it directly where you need it without the mess. I love it and it’s a new product that you can buy at CVS! Price: $8.99


If you’re like me, you probably get blisters all the time. The other day, I got two big blisters on the backs of my feet. I used this Advanced Healing Premium Bandages from CVS Health and within a couple of days, it was all healed.  The bandages are almost like a second skin. They are very comfortable and keep your wound protected.  Great for any tri bag! Price: $5.49


The Manuka Honey Adhesive Pad is also a great asset for your tri bag. This is also perfect for a wound and it’s brought to us by CVS Health. CVS Health has been doing a ton of R&D to make medication easier for us to apply and put on. This pad is also very comfortable and helps promote quick healing. Price: $13.99