Galloway LI Program Recap…

We held our kickoff event in February at The Runner’s Edge in Farmingdale. For the most part, none of us knew each other… 

Each week, we met in a different location around the Island. Here’s a photo of one of our earliest meets in Long Beach:

A package came for our members from Balega International. Everyone got a free pair of socks and was toasty warm, even in the freezing temperatures!

This was our first magic mile day. Unfortunately, the Bethpage High School track was covered in snow, so we took to the streets in Bethpage! Danielle Sullivan of Iron Fit Endurance gave a brief presentation on cross training and triathlons. Everyone did a fantastic job. Ray, our youngest member, knocked it out of the park with his 9 min/mile!

Cedar Creek was a great run! Another freezing day but we all made the most of it and enjoyed it. We wore our socks again! Thanks Balega!

Laura met us a little late, so we did an after run!

During the first weekend in April, we met at the Norman Levy Preserve, ran hills and met a bunch of really cute goats!

As the weather started to get warmer, we ran at Heckscher Park again. Although it was windy, it was a wonderful run! Everyone did a great job! 

I was so happy to see that many of the members shaved off seconds to minutes off their time on the 2nd Magic Mile!

At our last official run of the beginner group, Vicki Ventura of EventPowerLI joined us for the run. She talked about race etiquette and some of her fun upcoming events. A few days later, a couple of us went to see Jeff Galloway in New York City and hear his presentation on how to overcome negative thoughts while running.

The Team Galloway LI concluded with many of our members doing their first 5K race!  It was such a wonderful experience for all of us!