How To Fuel Your Training and Race the Right Way

Love to race, but race food leaves you feeling sick, sluggish, or dry heaving on the side of the road? Ever been concerned that the gels, goos, and gummies you woof down to fuel your long rides aren’t good options for your long term health?

The dark side of long-distance endurance athletics hides a secret: the trade off of short-term, conveniently packaged options that may be setting people up for Type II Diabetes, metabolic issues, and excess weight gain. In this webinar, WeRTriathlete member Imei Hsu will be discussing alternatives to convenience race foods, as well as nutritional profiles that help turn your body into an efficient “fat burner.” While we won’t be going into the science of nutrition, you will learn practical decisions about what you nourish yourself with for your training needs.

Imei Hsu, Active-Retired RN, Telemedicine Psychotherapist at, has raced at the 140.6 and 70.3 distances, as well as finished her first 50K trail ultramarathon. She lives in the Seattle area with her Ironman and Ultra husband and adorable Applehead Siamese, and hosts a blog, My Allergy Advocate on WordPress (website relaunch in late Fall 2017).