I Just Registered For the BolderBOULDER in Colorado!

It may seem a little odd to you but I love to travel to different races and I love running in areas that I’ve never been to! When I heard about this race, the BolderBOULDER, I was interested. I love Boulder, Colorado. It’s probably one of my favorite places to visit and I haven’t been there in years.

I was also intrigued by the rich history of the race. It was formed in 1979 with 2700 racers.  In 1980, it doubled in size to 5400 people racing! In 1983, the race got so big that the organizers had to create waves. There were 16,500 racers that year. In 1990, they added pro-wheelchair racers to the mix and had more than 26,400 racers. In 2002, the BolderBOULDER had the biggest race prize money of $196,000, next to a marathon. That year, more than 45,800 people participated. In 2014, more than 54,000 people raced.

BolderBOULDER is the official kickoff to summer. The organizers honor those that have served our country with moving tributes, a flyover, music and a party that “stirs the soul and moves the heart as 100,000 of your fellow runners and friends celebrate this special day with the Flatirons as an inspiring backdrop.”

Since the NYC Marathon, I haven’t stopped training. I ran the Miami Half Marathon in February and am preparing to run the Shape Half this April. I use the Galloway method and I feel strong. The Galloway method enables me to take walk breaks in between running in a systematic way.
I know this race won’t be easy. The altitude is a big factor and those who live there will have an easier time running it than I will because I live a foot or so above sea level and am more used to the humidity than the dryness. But that’s not going to stop me. I’m going to go out there with a positive attitude and conquer the best I can… So exciting!