20150809_145313_resizedI’ve never had a pair of wireless headphones. I know you don’t believe me but it’s true. I’ve tried them and the ear piece always seems to fall out. But, when I tried the Jaybird X2 Wireless Headphones, I was impressed.

I was introduced to them at the Age Group National Championship in Milwaukee. Jaybird was an event sponsor and I went over to their booth to see what they were selling. I spoke with their representatives and they gave me a pair to try on. I put them in my ears and jumped and jumped and jumped. I then shook my head frantically.  At first, they fell out and then after the rep adjusted them, they fit snuggly in my ears.

“Okay,” I told the rep. “I’ll buy a pair.”

I took them home and synced up my Samsung S4 Bluetooth phone to the Jaybird X2. The Samsung found it right away and once I charged the Jaybird X2s and I turned it on, it found my music and sounded great.

The wireless headphones have a small console on the wire to enable the sound to go up or down in volume. The middle button turns the headphones on and off. And, the best part, the power lasts for hours!  So hopefully during a long run, when you need them most, they won’t fail on you.

I tried them on a recent three mile run. I was pleasantly surprised at how they fit in my ears snuggly and the sound was great. I heard the bass and the tremble evenly.

Here’s what I like about this product:

  • The presentation in the box – when you take them home you open the box and it looks substantial.
  • Jaybird provides you with numerous size buds to fit in your ears. So if you find that one doesn’t work, there is another one to try.
  • There is a little case to put the headphones in along with the charger. It’s round. It’s compact. And it fits perfectly in my purse or backpack.

Would I recommend them?  I sure would.  I know they are a little pricey but for me, if they sound good, stay in my ear and I’m not getting tangled up in wire while I’m exercising, then they are worth the price!

They can be purchased online at Amazon or through the website at www.jaybirdsport.com. They retail for $179.99.