Jeff Galloway Came to Long Island

The first time I met Jeff Galloway was when I ran the Tower of Terror race in Disney. That was a few years ago. At that time, I typically ran to the water stops then walked, then ran a little, then walked. By the end of a half marathon, I was dead! I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t do anything.

When I heard Jeff Galloway speak at the Disney race, I was immediately impressed. Can I really start the run/walk/run method and try it out on the Tower of Terror Race? My friend and I did it. We didn’t know what we were doing. We purchased a Jeff Galloway timer and tried it out. It wasn’t easy but we ran a variation of the method and at the end, we were beat but not as badly as we had been in the past.

After that, we tried it again but we couldn’t get it right. So, we stopped.

I was still so impressed with Jeff, I had him on my radio podcasts and started to build a relationship with him. After I was accepted into the NYC Marathon in 2016, I hired Jeff to coach me. That’s when I really got the hang of the Galloway method.

We started with drills and easy run/walk/run intervals. Before I knew it, I was up to 23 miles and practically ready for the NYC Marathon. I completed the marathon that year thanks to Jeff’s help. When I crossed the finish line, I couldn’t stop crying it was that emotional.

I wanted to give back. Jeff had been so wonderful with me and I knew he had running groups around the country but there was no group on Long Island.

“Can I start the Long Island chapter?” I asked Jeff.

And in February 2017, I started the beginner group. Although we had horrendous weather in the winter, spring and summer, we trained every Saturday and the beginners became experienced runners shaving off 3 to 5 minutes off their time. It was incredibly rewarding.

Jeff Galloway came this past weekend and conducted a running clinic right here on Long Island. I am grateful to Blue Ocean Wealth Solutions for hosting the event in their gorgeous conference room.

A Run with Jeff Galloway

He arrived in town on Friday. I picked him up at the airport and on the way home, he said, “let’s go on a short run.”

At first, I was thinking, I got up at 5 am, biked and swam already, do I really want to run?

But then, reality check, when will I ever get the opportunity to have a one on one run with Jeff Galloway? So, of course, I ran with him.

It was a great run around the neighborhood and that night, one of our Long Island members who also owns Frank’s Steakhouse in Jericho and Rockville Centre, invited us for dinner at the Jericho location.

First off, Frank’s is one of my favorite Long Island restaurants. Their Romanian steak is to “die for!” My family and I have been going there for years. So I am always happy to go back.

We had a great dinner with Didi and her husband.

Running at the Museum of Art

The next morning, Jeff and I got up early and we headed to East Hills to meet the Team Galloway Long Island on a run through Nassau County Museum of Art, which was directly across the street from Blue Ocean Wealth Solutions.

The run was a complete blast. Jeff Galloway got to meet and talk with all the current members on a one on one basis and we got to run through a beautiful sculpture garden in the park.

After that, we headed over to Blue Ocean for the Running Clinic.

Photo courtesy Donna Cantrell

There, Jeff spoke about the run/walk/run method, drills, nutrition, speed training, hill training, and more. He stayed and made sure everyone’s questions were answered. (He is such a giving person!)

After that, I spoke about the Long Island group and invited everyone to join us. I also introduced the group to Dr. Dan Schaefer of Peak Performance Strategies who talked about the mind games and how to get rid of them.

It was an incredible weekend and although I’ve read most of Jeff’s books and have heard him talk nearly a dozen times, I still got inspired and had some great takeaways from the clinic and the weekend.