DeWhile I’ve completed 10 marathons, a number of half marathons, a few 10k’s and a bunch of 5k’s since I started running in 2008 to do my first ever marathon, the New York City Marathon. My big adventure for 2014 will be Ironman Arizona (IMAZ), 2 Sundays after my wife’s Third NYC Marathon and her 6th Overall Marathon. This year, I will be probably doing more running than ever, and add swimming and biking on top of all the road work. The fact that I am pretty bad at swimming, biking and running and knowing that an Ironman includes a swim of 2.4 miles, a bike of 112 miles and then a run of 26.2 miles makes my wife shake her head. Like what are you doing, “You should at least get a Half Ironman under your belt before forging ahead and double that distance.” But, I will save that for another time.

DSC_0195With all this running, a lot of people assume that I love running. Some ask, “You must love Running, don’t you?” Usually, I smile to avoid the question, not sure if it’s me being humble to avoid boasting or it’s because I really have a hesitation to answer.

Besides being in the best shape of my life (So far I have dropped 60 lbs). In reality, it’s probably my analytical personality that loves the process of preparing for a road race, not the actually running. Running is almost like an end to the means. As a kid, I preferred building things and making sure that there was order and symmetry with anything I created. So when I started running, it wasn’t because I wanted to run. It was because I wanted to finish a marathon, and it happened to involve running. I am actually more attracted to be better at running so that I can finish faster and get something to eat!

1454728_10202239056875186_280856609_nNow that I have signed up for IMAZ on November 16, 2014, I need to schedule my time accordingly, that includes what races I will be doing, miles run and bike, and time in the pool. With that in mind, I include fun, family time, dates with my wife, vacations, work, traveling to see my customers, hanging with new and old friends, blogging, kids games, coaching cross country for my kids youth team, lacrosse games and other things that might come up.

For me, it works to have some kind of structure in an otherwise randomness schedule. I love knowing that I have to run this many miles and will make sure to fit it all in. Running has helped me go from feeling out of control to having more control of what happens to me, my business and my family. I love WHAT running does for me!

The Ironman Motto is “Anything is Possible.” Let’s make 2014 an Amazing Year, and Let’s see if 2014 will have me say, “I Love Running!”


NoahLamYou can find Noah Lam doing P90X, swimming, biking or running with his wife, kids and friends in different races around the country on his quest to run a marathon in all 50 States. A lot of people seek Noah out for advice on business, health and life. He is a certified RRCA Running Coach, Team Beachbody Coach and has owned several different companies in the Medical and Fitness Industries.

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