If you love to run alone in the quiet, this blog post is not for you.

But, If you get motivated by listening to your favorite music, then you may want to check out the following apps while you run:

  • 8Tracks — There are nearly 1 million mixes from country to indie rock. You can browse by category of music you like or the kind that gets you going or you can mix your own music by following DJ’s and putting your songs together. There’s so many different play lists on this app, you can’t get bored. I’ve been playing Indie/electric punk and enjoying every moment as I run around my favorite areas.
  • Pandora Radio – Listen to your favorite type of music on Pandora radio. We listen to this in my office and I actually listened during one run. Some of the stations are really worth listening to including Family Road Trip Radio and Summer Hits of the 90’s.  They definitely get you moving!
  • Spotify – I started listening to spotify when it first came out. What I love about this app is that I can listen to new music before I actually purchase it. You can also create your own play lists and see what your friends are listening to at any given moment.  I haven’t used this one on a run but I know many people who do.
  • Songza — When you log into Songza, it tells you the day and asks you what you are in the mood to listen to — brand new music, barbecuing, relaxing at home, driving, cooking or just working out. When you click on what you want to hear, it asks you to specify what type of music.  I clicked on working out and it asked if I wanted to listen to ultrafast dance, high-intensity pop, yoga, uplifting pop, tireless classic rock or classic workout hits. When I selected uplifting pop, I was brought to another menu with different play lists.  I chose the one I was interested in and I was pumped up to go.

Do you use any of these?  If you don’t what do you listen to?


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