NYTriExpoLogo_WebThe NY TRI EXPO is coming to Citi Field!

I’m embarking on a new venture I think is needed in the New York Tri-State area, and, I hope you agree with me. Called NY TRI EXPO ’16, the event will be held on Saturday, March 19 from 10 – 6 pm at Citi Field.

In the past, I attended a ton of trade shows in conjunction with a race and I have been frustrated.  Number 1, I didn’t want to wear myself out prior to a major race and number 2, shopping for race gear right before a race is not the most advisable.  I’ve always been told and have read that you should not wear anything new at a race that you haven’t trained in.

So, I wanted to host an expo that wasn’t affiliated with a race.  I wanted an expo where I could go and learn about race tips and tactics and gear up for the upcoming season.  That’s why I decided to host the NY TRI EXPO ’16.

We are hoping to get at least 100 exhibit booths.  Right now, we have nearly 30 exhibitors/sponsors and we still have a few months to go!

I also feel strongly that we will have 5,000 people joining us.  These are athletes who are swimmers, runners, cyclists and triathletes all looking to learn, grow and see some of the new gear out there.

We have a ton of workshops and seminars lined up too.  They include:

  • How to run faster off the bike
  • 5 Tips to a faster swim leg
  • Yoga for triathletes
  • Combatting race anxiety
  • The Ironman experience
  • How to hit your potential on the bike
  • Tri Gear – What to buy to make you go faster
  • And more…

Workshops and seminars will be mostly done in panels but some will be solo.  We even have an athlete who swam the English Channel and will be sharing his experience with the group!

Tickets are available and are currently discounted at $25. (BTW, this includes parking and the swag bag will be worth over $100!)

Interested, go to: http://nytriexpo.com/registration/.

Hope to see you there!