Here is the October new product round up for the triathlete, cyclist or runner:

TruSportPak with LED Safety Light Venture by Bracketron Inc. – This handy pack is great for cycling or running because it’s weather resistant.  It’s light weight and holds your mobile phone, even if it’s a large one like mine, which is the Note Galaxy S4. I love that it has an LED safety light strip on the pouch so that if your riding or running in low light conditions, someone will see you! It even has an ear port to put your earphones in.  I especially like the material and the color.  It’s a good fit and you don’t even feel it when it’s on.  Price: $24.99


Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic — Most of us exercise a lot and need that extra care. Probiotics help with our immune system and relieves digestive discomfort.  This produt contains no yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, salt, dairy, binders, fillers or artificial ingredients. It has 10 probiotic strains and gives you more energy throughout the day. You can purchase it at any vitamin or natural health food store.  Retail price: $67.99



Soxxy Air Compression Socks — These cool compression socks comes in different styles and colors.  I chose the Orion because I liked the color. I actually tested these out on the plane going to California.  Ever since I’ve been running, I find that my legs swell and I wanted to eliminate that on the plane.  So, I wore them and I felt very comfortable and the best part, my legs didn’t swell.  They are cute, comfy and reasonably priced at $35.00 a pair.


Uptime Energy Pills and Drink — The energy pills are actually just vitamins with herbs and they seem to keep you alert and on point when you are doing endurance sports. The drink is a quick pick me up before your workout.  It also includes herbs and vitamins. (Is this product any different than any other energy drink out there? I’m not sure but they all seem to do the trick and if you’re looking for something new, this may be worth the try.) The pills come in two strengths – $17.95 for regular and $19.95 for maximum strength. The drink retails for $59.95 for a case of either the regular or sugar-free.