I’ve worn the Pearl Izumi E-Motion Road N3 sneakers now a dozen times.  I’ve worn them mostly for three to six mile runs.  Most recently, I wore them for the Mighty North Fork Race and for the Age Group National Championship in Milwaukee, and I think they are great.

As you know, I’m already a fan of Pearl Izumi products. Their apparel is first rate, their cycling shoes are awesome and I am a fan of their Women’s e-Motion Tri N2 triathlon sneakers. Most recently, I had the opportunity to try their E-Motion Road N3 sneakers and love them!

The E-Motion Road N3 have a nice big toe bed, which for me, is important since my feet swell in sneakers. The heal is tight and fits firmly so not have chaffing.  The sneaker itself has a lot of cushion but it doesn’t feel as though your jumping on a mattress. It’s a firm shoe yet light weight and easy to run in.

The other thing that I really like about these sneakers is that it has an arch support.  There are times when I feel my arch aching on the run and these really help that.

The shoe has a breathable mesh and the energy foam in the forefoot cushions upon impact and the foam in the heel cushions upon impact to the ground.

The one thing that I didn’t like about the sneakers were the laces.  I replaced them immediately with no-tie laces so that I could easily get them on and off, especially during triathlons.

I’ve been enjoying minimal sneakers for a couple of years now but as I get more and more into running, I find that I need a some cushion to keep me going.  I noticed this when I wore minimal sneakers at the 10 miler Tower of Terror Race two years ago and have been purchasing more cushioned sneakers ever since.

20150801_125316Personally, I find the Pearl Izumi E-Motion Road N3 a gem.  If you are doing short distances or longer distances, I would definitely recommend them.  A shout out to Paul Sullivan, who is a Pearl Izumi rep who I met at the Women’s Fitness and Running show in Chicago for turning me on to these amazing sneakers!

They come in two colors — honeysuckle/cerise and grey/algiers blue.  I have the honeysucke/cerise.  They are priced at $130 on the Pearl Izumi website.