Prevent Blisters on Feet When Running by Stacia Pache

When I head out to go for a run, or prepare for a race, I try to be as prepared as possible.  I buy new running gear, eat the right food, and stretch like a pro. But I would still suffer from blisters.  Blisters on feet are those obnoxious little bumps or bubbles that are a result of friction against the foot, causing the outer layers of the skin to rub together, separate and fill with fluid.  Gross, I know.  But more than gross, these blisters are excruciatingly painful.  Culprits can range from a poorly fitting running shoe to wet feet caused by wearing socks that aren’t absorbent.  Or if you log enough miles, blisters on feet are bound to pop up.

Blisters can pack a pretty mean punch when it comes to running.  But there is hope.

Read on to learn how to prevent blisters on the feet the next time you set out to pound the pavement.

Choose Your Socks Wisely

When it comes to preventing blisters on feet, picking out the right socks are important.  Socks do much more than you think.  They can keep moisture away, minimize the friction that lead to blisters and provide extra support for your feet. Stay far, far away from cotton socks and try nylon socks instead.  Nylon and synthetic socks allow for more breathability and less moisture buildup on the foot.


Shoes Are Everything

Don’t just buy any old running shoes.  Visit a specialty running store to make sure you’re wearing the best fit for you.  The resulting comfort and support afforded by wearing properly fitted shoes will go a long way toward preventing blisters on feet while running.

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Use Creams & Powders

Run with slick skin to prevent blisters.  Coat your feet with Vaseline or another lubricant before you head out to run.  Or try Second Skin which is a padded tape that stays on even when wet.  Both of these methods will form a protective shield between your skin and sock.  They will keep friction to a minimum.

Don’t just cover up blisters on feet with a Band-Aid or stay on the sidelines.  Use my helpful tips to prevent them altogether!

Don’t Head Out With Knee Pain

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-Stacia Pache, itBandz Founder


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