When I started running four years ago, I’ve only wore Nike running shorts. I never really thought about other brands.  Nike is all over the place and it’s easy to get a pair so I bought a dozen pair to wear during my summer and fall runs.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample 15 Love Mesh running shorts and “loved” them! I got them in electric blue but if I want a different color, I can flip them inside out! They are made of a soft mesh material that keeps you cool on those super warm days and what I love most is the waste band. It’s a think waste band that snuggly fits to me and has a comfortable feel. On the website, the company describes it as “hip hugging that won’t let go.”

The mesh shorts come in three different colors — blue and black, red and yellow, and red and gray. All are reversible!  They are made from jacquard mesh, poly mesh and a nylon/spandex blend.

The 15 Love product line consists of bottoms and tops for all types of sports, including running, yoga, tennis, etc.

The founder and CEO, Nancie Tripodi, has a unique background. Having been a successful athlete in school, she also has experience working in retail and decided to launch her own line, knowing what women want and need. Check out the full line at www.15loveapparel.com.

The mesh shorts retail for $60.