Product Review Interactive Real Bike Course Video

I’m signed up for the Atlantic City International Triathlon in August and was curious about the course so I checked out the AC course using CompuTrainer’s Interactive Real Bike Course Video by RacerMate.

I installed the CD into my laptop PC and within minutes, I was able to ride the course.

CompuTrainer has a variety of real time courses you can ride, including Escape from Alcatraz, Lake Tahoe, Milwaukee Age Group Nationals and more.

What’s interesting about the Real Bike Course Videos is you are riding behind or besides someone who actually participated in the race. The cadence of the participants seems rather slow to me. I haven’t tried any of the other videos but the Challenge Atlantic City one seems slow.

The course looks and feels pretty good. I really felt like I was riding on the backroads of Atlantic City and the parkway seems spot on as well. I questioned the executives at CompuTrainer about the filming of these videos. My question was, “How did you film these?”

Chuck Wooster, President of RacerMate, told me that most of the videos are done in a car and they ride along the riders. “When we find an interesting rider, we stay behind him or her and then when we get drive by and find the next set of interesting riders. We typically film in a car because it’s more steady but there are some cases where we’ve filmed on a motorcycle.”

This particular course is 112 miles but I only rode a quarter of it. I asked the executives if you could start and stop the course and they said you could but I didn’t find a way to do that unless I closed the computer during the middle and then restarted it.

I love the CompuTrainer products I just wish they were a little more technologically advanced so that you could go to different parts of the course that may be challenging for you at various parts of the ride.