I have been looking for a running coat for a while now. I keep buying these lightweight windbreakers that barely keep the wind away.

With this past winter being extremely cold, I needed something that was versatile enough to carry me from Winter to Spring and back to Fall. I finally found a jacket that I love!

I was at the Canyon Ranch in Lennox in January and was looking through their shop.  They have an extensive upscale shop on the campus and I found this purple Marmot running jacket that was pretty expensive.  I tried it on in a medium. It fit but was a little too snug. Personally, I like things a little looser so that I could layer up. I didn’t buy the jacket there.

When I returned home from my spa get-away, I searched the Internet and found it in a few places. It’s called the Marmot Variant Jacket and it comes in different colors including White, Purple, dark Blue, and Pink. I bought the Purple one with the green zipper.

The front panel is insulated. It almost looks as if it has down materials in it. On the site, it says it, “Weighs in at well under a pound, the name only hints at the evolved nature of this superb winter jacket. Lightweight, ultra-warm Thermal R™ Eco insulation protects your core, while Polartec® Power Stretch® in the sides, back, and sleeves delivers unheard of flexibility for an insulated garment. Part of our UpCycle® program.”

Other features include:

  • Front Hand Zip Pockets,
  • Lightweight Stretch Binding at Cuffs and Bottom Hem,
  • Polartec Power Stretch Panels at Side Torso,
  • Reflective Logos,
  • Thermal R Insulation,
  • Thumbholes

Even without the nifty features, this is the most comfortable running jacket I own.  I bought the jacket in January and have been wearing it ever since. I love that it has side pockets big enough to hold my cell phone and my running gels.

I found this jacket on one of the websites for just over $100 but if you go on the Marmot website, it sells for $170. It got 4.5 stars from other purchasers. I would give it a thumbs up 5! I highly recommend it and look forward to using it for a couple of years to come!

P.S. I wore it at the NYC Half Marathon on March 16 in Manhattan.