Product Review: New GU Flavors

I was recently approached by GU to test out a couple of their new flavors. They have two new flavors on the market — Campfire S’mores Energy Gel and Cola Me-Happy. Both flavors were intriguing to me so I decided to try them out.

Campfire S’mores – These little energy gels have 450mg of Amino Acids, 60 mg of sodium and have no caffeine. They are 100 calories and you should take it before or during your workout. The cool thing about this product, GU will give 10% of the sales to the Conservation Alliance Public Lands Defense Fund.

The Campfire S’mores has the same thick consistency of other GU energy gels. It’s very sweet and you can taste a combination of chocolate and marshmallow in every bite. It’s definitely a good taste and I wouldn’t mind tagging one of these along with me on a ride or run. The price is $36 for a box of 24.

The Cola Me-Happy is an interesting GU. I find it interesting because at many of the longer triathlons they serve Coke or Pepsi. This new product has 40 mg of caffeine and is naturally flavored. What’s interesting about this product is that it actually tastes like Cola! You can even taste the fizz! It’s also very sweet but has that strong Cola flavor. This one would be perfect on a long run or ride because there is so much caffeine to keep you going. The price is $12 for a box of 8.

I was also given three new Stroopwafels to test out, including:

  • Gingerade
  • Hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon
  • Coconut

All three products are pretty true to taste. They all have 450mg of amino acids, 75mg of sodium and no caffeine. They are also 150 calories. They are shaped like a round waffle, they have the consistency of a waffle crisp. They are extremely yummy. They range in price from $20 to $22 for a box of 16.

You can pick up your goodies on line at They are a Berkeley, California company and have been around since 1995.