My biggest running challenge is finding the right pair of running shoes. But recently, I tested a pair of Skora FIT and found them to be unlike any other pair.

First off, the laces are conveniently situated on the side. What this does is provide more comfort across the top of the foot and encourages natural foot motion and control. They have a nice large toe bed, which I love. I don’t like when my toes feel restricted when I run!  They also have ample padding.  They are designed for comfort, speed and agility. They will be perfect for shorter races and I can’t wait to try it out!

What makes these shoes different than any other shoe on the market is that with every step, you feel as if your foot is having a massage!

The pair I have are a pale yellow and silver color and I love the way the bottom grips the road. They are extremely light weight, which I also love and only weigh 6.6 oz.  Further, every pair have reflectors on them so that you can be seen in the dark!

Skora running shoes have been featured in almost every running magazine, fitness magazine and blogs. There’s no wonder why everyone loves them. They really are unique and worth the try.  If you like a natural running shoe fit, you will love these running shoes.

After a blown IT band, 18 months of rehab, thousands of dollars in orthotics and new shoes, David Sypniewski, CEO of SKORA, decided to make a shoe that he could use. When he found that barefoot running was something that would enable him to run again, because his forefoot was striking the ground instead of his heal, he felt as if hecould actually run longer, with less pain, and a greater sense of stabilizing ground feel. After a 12–year journey to craft a better running shoe, SKORA was born.

They retail on the website for $94.95.