Red Bull Adds New Flavor – The Green Edition

The new Red Bull Green Edition launched last week in supermarkets across the country. There are a few differences between Red Bull and the Green Edition.

For starters, the Green Edition is in a lime green can with the Red Bull branding (but there’s no red in the logo). It’s made from Kiwi Apple.  It has a sweet apple scent when smelling it. As Red Bull to me tastes like Pez with fizz. The Green Edition tastes like kiwi apple with fizz. It’s delicious!

It’s made with artificial flavors and contains 114 mg of caffeine. Great to drink before a race or tough workout. It has 160 calories, 100 mg of sodium, 40g of carbs and 38g of sugar. It will definitely give you a boost between the sugar and the caffeine!

According to a recent New York Times article, Red Bull is popular among student athletes. They wrote, “In a recent survey of American high-school athletes, 32 percent reported drinking energy beverages. In another survey, 27 percent of a group of 16,000 adolescent athletes, some as young as 11, said that they used caffeine, usually in the form of energy drinks, to improve their sports performance; 13 percent said they did so at the urging of their coaches.”

You’ll find that Red Bull is mixed among triathletes. Some will drink it religiously and others will stay away because of the high sugar and caffeine content.  The taste is great. You make the decision.