If it’s good enough for our astronauts, then it’s good enough for us, right?

The Right Stuff is a hydration company specifically used by NASA astronauts to stay hydrated during their time in space. In June ’09, the company brought the product to the endurance sports industry to keep athletes as hydrated as possible during their training and racing. The Right Stuff can be used for triathletes, cyclists, ultra-runners, Nordic skiers, adventure racers and more.

The Right Stuff has a high concentrated blend of electrolytes and uses all natural flavors. I had the opportunity to sample the berry and the lemonade flavors. Other flavors available include: Lemon-Lime, Strawberry Kiwi and Orange Tangerine.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love the taste. It does have a slight taste of Splenda, which is used in the formula to sweeten it up. Between the natural flavors and the Splenda, it cuts the taste of the salt.  Although I definitely tasted the salt when I sampled it.

I used The Right Stuff when I went on a hilly 18 mile bike ride. I noticed that I tended to drink less  because I didn’t feel as thirsty.  As I drank it, I got used to the flavor. I thought the Berry Flavor was a little better than the Lemonade.

According to the company executives, there have been numerous published studies on the effectiveness of The Right Stuff in combatting dehydration. The tests showed that the Right Stuff is superior for:

  • cramping, headaches and light headedness, which is caused by heavy sweating and loss of electrolytes.
  • improves core thermoregulation by protecting the athlete from overheating in high heat and exertion
  • increases the athletes performance by 20%

What I liked about the product was that it comes in a pouch and gets poured into your liquid. I used it with tap water. Typically, these hydration mixes are powder and then it gets mixed with water. This is already a highly concentrated liquid that mixes with water, so there’s no mess. (You should see my kitchen when I use some of the other products. It’s a big mess because the powder tends to get everywhere.)

I also liked that it does not contain any carbohydrates or stimulants.

I also find that I get dehydrated easily and I find that I cramp a lot. I used this product in conjunction with Base Performance Salt and I found that when I got off my 18 mile bike ride and ran a mile on the treadmill that I didn’t cramp at all and I ran my fastest mile ever. Now, I’m not saying that by taking this product, I was able to run my fastest. But I am saying that I didn’t feel the need to drink as much and I felt good on the run.