There are times when I run and love listening to music and then there are times when I just want to hear the sounds of my surroundings. When I listen to music, I’ve listened to Pandora, 8tracks and other music apps but I’ve never tried RockMyRun until now. Read on and I’ll tell you how you can get a RockMyRun Promo Code for a free month to try it yourself.

RockMyRun is different from any of the other music apps. It has a wide variety of music, but the difference is it’s all mixed together by some of the most popular DJ’s around.

I started listening just recently and love it. The sounds get mixed together perfectly. As one song ends, another begins. RockMyRun uses some awesome DJ’s who do a great job mixing it all together so that there is no break and everything is cohesive!

I’ve listened to several of the playlists including:

  • Indie Pop & Modern Rock with DJ Dennis J
  • Run the Bay with Mike Czech
  • Bubblegum my Run with DJ Dennis J
  • Pop Rock with DJ J Hillis
  • And more…

There are unlimited amounts of mixes that you can search by genre, suggested for you from the music mixes you already chose and then the latest mixes.

Once you chose a mix on the app, you can play it standard, set your own mix tempo, match it to your steps or sync the mix tempo with your heart rate.

As a subscriber, you will get a code and for a month you will get the opportunity to check it out. When you’ve had an opportunity to try it out, please comment below with your thoughts and share your favorite mix with me.

If you’re not yet a subscriber and you decide to subscribe to A Triathlete’s Diary within the next two weeks (by July 24, 2015), you too will receive a code as a thank you.

All subscribers will be eligible for a drawing where one lucky winner will receive a full year of RockMyRun!

So, what do I think? I’m actually really enjoying it. It definitely adds a different twist to my workouts!