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I’ve been having a problem finding the right sneakers for a long time now.

Recently I went to Canyon Ranch in Las Vegas and had my feet evaluated.  The technician measured my gait and video taped the way I walk.  He said the my feet under-pronate and suggested I buy comfort stability running shoes.

I went to a local running store in my neighborhood and asked the sales person to bring out some comfort stability shoes.  I tried them on.  I found one pair to be comfortable but it was slightly smaller than what I would typically buy.  (I wear a size 7 but I feel most comfortable in size 8 running shoes because my feet swell when I run. I bought a 7.5 in the shoes he recommended.)

I trained for seven weeks wearing those sneakers and realized that the shoes I bought to train in were too small.  Every time I would run in these sneakers, I got blisters.  I never got blisters before!  It has to be attributed to the shoes.  So of course, I went on the Internet and looked it up.  The verdict was in. The sneakers were too small and that was why I was getting serious blisters.

So now what?  Do I go back to the store that I bought them?  How could I? I bought them nearly two months ago? (I actually reached out to the store owner who graciously offered to give me a bigger size.  I took her up on the offer and really appreciated it.)

But still, I couldn’t figure out what sneakers to get.  Do I go back to wearing Newton’s? Brook’s, which I wore during my first half marathon? Asics, which had a new rainbow colored shoe?  When I tried them all on, they didn’t feel that much different. Is there really a difference???

I wrote a tweet to all the sneaker companies — Nike, New Balance, Asics, Brooks, Newton and Mizuno. No one answered me, except for NIKE.  They told me to get an evaluation at one of the Nike stores.  Great.  That’s not what I wanted to hear. I already was fitted, I thought! I actually wanted to see if they had any recommendations for an upcoming column.

I’ve been finding this whole running shoe buying experience to be very difficult.


Although this is a repost, I still have the same issues!  I finally found a pair I like, the New Balance minimalist. It has a large toe-bed, which I love and gives a good grip in the heal.  But, when you are racing on hard surfaces and racing hard, you almost feel as if you should be wearing something with a little more cushion.

Any suggestions?

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