This post was originally featured on in 2011.  At this time, I was gearing up for the NYC Half Marathon.  I think the story is still relevant. I just completed my second half marathon, the Diva Half Marathon in Myrtle Beach, SC and I had the same issues — finding the time to train.  I ended up training three to four days a week.  Two or three days, I ran up to four miles and one day, usually Sundays, I would run with my running partner for a long run.  We ran up to 10 miles toward the end.

Check out what I did the first time around…


When you are training for a half marathon or a marathon, it is nearly impossible to find the time to train unless that’s all you do during the day.

I work, have a family, volunteer for several charities and blog. So when people ask me when I have time to train, I tell them I do it in between everything else.

I’m gearing up for the NYC Half Marathon on March 20th and am on a new training schedule that calls for short runs two days a week and a long run on Sundays. I started the training last week after being injured with shin splints for more than six weeks.

I decided to go slow. I started with two days at two miles a day. The first day, I ran on my home treadmill at around 8 p.m. at night after dinner and family time. The next day that I ran, I did it in the office.

Two years ago, my staff and I were on a fitness kick and I thought it would be nice to buy a treadmill for the office so that we could take turns working out. What I didn’t realize is, when you work out, you sweat. (I’ve been working out for years and never sweated! But now I know I wasn’t really working out.)

So I ran in the office on our treadmill that is in our supply closet. It was extremely hot and I was sweating profusely. But, I did my two miles and ran to the bathroom to wash up. I wish I had a shower! Since I didn’t, I’m embarrassed to say, I threw on my clothes and went on my way to my next appointment.


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