I started running when I was 20.  I lived in downtown Ottawa and I ran along the canal and it was love at first “run”.

Running opened many doors for me.  Being a runner, someone paid my fitness instructor course at the YM-YWCA and encouraged me to teach fitness classes.  For 20 years, I ran and I taught fitness classes.  I started competing in 10ks and half-marathons.  Running was part of my daily routine and it always made me smile.

On April 27, 1987, I woke up with my body half paralyzed, and five days later, this led to a diagnosis of MS.  I was 31 and had to relearn to walk and a year later I was able to run again!

In 1989, I discovered the Green Mountain Running Camp in Vermont.  I spent 7 days doing a “cobweb” run in the early morning, recovering with good food and motivational speakers, then doing a mountain run in the afternoon.  For seven years every August, I spent my summer holidays at this running camp and I called it my “Paradise on earth”.

In February 2000, I had to stop running as my legs were no longer moving forward. Fitness continues to be part of my life.  Today, I do stationary cycling; weights, yoga and I teach chair fitness every Friday.