I learned about Team for Kids in 2011, before I ran the NYC Half Marathon. That was my first half marathon and Team for Kids was the first charity I ever ran for, actually, it’s the only charity I’ve run for, excluding the charity runs I ran.

Team for Kids is the official charity of the New York Road Runners (NYRR) organization. Skilled coaches go to low income neighborhoods and help students learn to incorporate fitness and healthy nutrition into their daily lives. It’s a wonderful program and through the years, more than 200,000 children each year in more than 800 schools and community centers in New York City, across the nation, and around the world have benefitted.

  • So far this year, Mighty Milers, NYRR’s largest youth running program, has reached 123,883 kids in schools throughout New York City and in 44 states. Collectively, those kids have already run 2.8 million miles and many of them have run a cumulative “marathon of miles” and earning them the coveted Mighty Milers Marathon Medal. By participating in Mighty Milers practices several times a week and accumulating miles over time, these kids are making running a part of their daily lives and learning healthy habits to last them a lifetime.
  • NYRR has active Mighty Milers programs at 35 District 75 schools in NYC. Through those programs we are reaching more than 2,500 children with special needs, children who often get left out of organized sports and extracurricular programs.
  • Mighty Milers, along with the other NYRR youth running programs, is free to the participating schools and kids. A donation as small as $25 supports one child in Mighty Milers for the entire school year.

When I ran in 2011, I raised more than 1310 for the group.  Now, I’m running the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Although the goal is only $250, I would love to be able to raise more to help support their cause.

If you want to help me, help these students in under served areas, please donate to my page. Here’s the link: https://www.runwithtfk.org/Donate/Member/15732.

Thank you!