It’s that time to have a September triathlon product roundup for the fall! Here are some really cool products that I would suggest checking out:

Twigo Pet Id Tag — Okay, Okay, I know. You’re probably thinking, “why does she have a pet ID tag on this list?”  Well, the company reached out to me after they made this ID tag for pets to stop the jingling.  However, they found that many runners have been using it to put their key in and you know what, it works.  It’s perfect for a house key and the round plastic goes through your belt or you can loop it in your shoe laces.  It’s actually pretty cool and handy too!  Price: $10 on the website.


Voke Vitalizes – Here’s a new chewable tab that you eat before or during a workout.  It has a berry flavor and has green tea with caffeine in it.  It provides you with natural energy from Leaf & Berry and all organic.  They use Organic Guarana for focus and memory; green tea leaf caffeine for endurance; and organic acerola which has vitamin c antioxidants. The handy container is easy to place in a running belt or in your cycling bento box. Interestingly, if you replace 1 coffee drink or energy drink per day with Voke, you will save $972 a year and eliminate 150 grams of fat per month; 810 grams of sugar per month and burn 6000 more calories. It’s small, compact and a perfect addition to any transition bag.  Price: $28 a month for seven tins.


2Toms SportShield for Her – Here’s a new product specifically for women who love endurance sports, called 2Toms SportShield. The product is designed to prevent chafing and blisters.  I used it today under my wetsuit and you know what? I didn’t have chafing!  It comes in a stick and you can roll it on the key areas that you know will potentially get chafed. It works pretty good. It gives you 24 hour protention against rubbing and friction. It’s sweatproof, waterpoof and won’t melt. It’s fragrance free and dye free and made by  Price: $13.


CrampsAway — Here’s a little gel type product that when you get a cramp, and you know we all do, swish it in your mouth for 60 seconds and in as little as 10 seconds you will feel relief.  After 60 seconds swallow the packet.  It’s an all natural product using Vitamins B1, B3, B5 and B6 and purified water, vinegar, organic agave nectar and potassium sorbate. You can pick up packets online at Price: 19.99 for a three pack available on