Finding the right sports bra is important for being comfortable while running. Bobbie Smith shared with me some tips for sports bras and I thought I would share it with all of you…

  1. Replace Your Sports Bras OftenSports bras handle a lot of stress and should be treated just like your gym shoes. If you workout 3 or more times a week, your sports bra should be replaced about every 6-8 months.
  2. Treat Them With Proper Care—The care of your sports bras differs from regular bras in that they should be washed after every wear. To keep the elastic strong, they should be washed in cold water with a detergent that is free of alcohol and fabric softener then set out to air-dry.
  3. Choose Different Sports Bras for Different Activities—Compression sports bras are comfortable options for low impact activities, while encapsulated sports bras are best for medium to high impact, limiting movement up to 83%. offers these in options up to a J cup.
  4. Consider Being Fit Professionally—For women with full busts, Bobbie recommends being properly fit for their sports bra. Many wrongly double up on compression bras or skip exercise due to discomfort, but with the right fit, working out is possible and a lot more effective.


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