A new study, conducted by HJMT Public Relations Inc. for A Triathlete’s Diary,  revealed that triathletes love wearables as much as they love the sport. Of the 100 triathletes surveyed, nearly 80% use a wearable tech device to track their fitness levels and progress. The majority use Garmin, either the 910xt, which is the older model or the 920xt, which is the nearly released version.

The Garmin tracks all three disciplines, as well as brick workouts (which is more than one activity at the same time), triathlons, duathlons and even tracks strength training.

Of the people surveyed who use a wearable tech device, only half use it in conjunction with a heart rate monitor.  Few of the participants surveyed, nearly 30%, wear the device all the time. The rest only wear it during training or during a race.

Seventy-one percent said that the device always correlates with the race scores since they are all tracked with a GPS device built in. Less than 30% said it doesn’t usually correlate.

Of the 100+ people who participated in the survey, 99% are triathletes. Seventy-three percent have not participated in an Ironman event, only 28% are Ironman. The majority (nearly 40%) of those who participated said they have only been in the sport for one to three years. Only 15% have participated between three to five years and nearly 26% have been involved in the swim, bike, run event for more than five years. Eighteen percent of the people have been in the sport for less than a year, suggesting that the sport is in growth mode.

When asked why they race, nearly 50% of the participants said, a sense of accomplishment. Twenty-six percent said they want to continually improve, 9% said they love the thrill. There were many people who commented suggesting that the sport makes them, “happy,” they have a “competitive nature” or they just “want to be the best” they can be.

When asked which race they liked best, the 46.5% said they love sprint triathlons best. A sprint triathlon’s distance is typically a half-mile swim, 12 – 15 mile bike ride and a 5K run.

Olympic and Half Ironman were next and split 22% of the population. The distances include: Olympic is a .93 mile swim; 26 mile bike and 10K run; and Half Ironman is 1.2 mile swim; 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run.

Ironman was the least favorite triathlon. This includes: 2.4-mile swim; 112-mile bike and a full marathon of 26.2 miles.

When asked which Ironman is their favorite, the answers ran the gamut from Kona and Lake Placid to Ironman Arizona and Ironman Florida.

Who answered the survey? Forty-two percent of the people surveyed were 45 – 54; nearly 30% were between 35 – 45; 14% were between 55 – 65 and 11% were between 25 – 35; the rest were under 25.

Survey participants were spanned from locations like Stony Brook, Long Island to Orange County, California.  Many of the people who filled out the questionnaires were from the east coast, but there were quite a few from the west coast and middle country including Oklahoma and Michigan.

Fifty-seven percent were female and the rest were male. Sixty one percent are married; nearly 20% are divorced; and 15% were never married. In terms of ethnicity, nearly 76% who filled out the survey are non-Hispanic whites, nearly 20% are African-American or Black; and the rest were split between Hispanic/Latinos, Asians and American Indian.

Triathlons are a relatively new sport. It started in San Diego in September 1974. Although still new, the sport continues to gain traction and wearable technology is becoming so advanced to match people’s physical aspirations and help them be the best they can be!