Win a Fitletic Blitz Single Pouch by Commenting on A Triathlete’s Diary Blog!

I have been using Fitletic products for years and really think highly of the brand. I have a unit that holds two 8 ounce water bottles, energy gel, my keys and I have a third water bottle holder where I place my mobile phone. I’ve been using this for years and for me it works well. I had to go through a dozen or so of these hydration units before I found one that worked and was comfortable. I don’t even feel the Fitletic!

So when the Fitletic PR firm asked if I would be interested in checking out their new product, the Fitletic Blitz, I was thrilled. The Blitz is a single pouch unisex product that holds your mobile device, keys, money and/or credit card. It includes a handy slit for your headphones, if you still use the wire headphones.

What I love about their products and especially the Blitz, is it’s made of waterproof material so if you get stuck in the rain, your phone won’t get drenched. (The set up I currently have is not good for the rain!)

The other details that are important to note is that it has an enlarged pouch in case you are running in a foreign country, you can bring along your passport. When you open the pouch, there are two slits, one for the phone, the other for your passport or credit cards. There is also a handy compartment that fits your license or credit cards.

The thing about the Fitletic products are they have silicone grippers for optimal stability and the band around the waste, can be adjusted at any time for any fit.

Lastly, the Blitz has reflectors on it so if you are running at night, you will be seen (or at least the Blitz will be seen!)

The material on these Fitletic products are extremely soft and comfortable. You can even wear this as a “fanny pack” if you are traveling. They are that comfortable to wear all day long.

Fitletic gave me a Blitz to giveaway so anyone who responds below is eligible to win! (If I get more than one person, I’ll put your name in a jar and pick the winner randomly.)