Win a Free Pair of Sable GX-100 Goggles!

Sable makes incredible goggles. I always used the typical TYR and Speedo goggles when I first started swimming and for a long time after that as well, until I learned that there are so many different brands of goggles out there.

After that, I started to try out a bunch and to be quite frank, I couldn’t find one that stayed on my face and didn’t leak!

Then, I was introduced to Sable and since then, I have bought at least a dozen pair.

The new GX-100 is an excellent pair of goggles. It comes equipped with different nose pieces so that you get a precise fit and they stay snug on your face, no matter how rough the conditions are!

The GX-100 model is ideal for open-water swimming and racing.  A true aquatic weapon for triathletes and open water swimmers wanting a distinct edge over their competitors. It comes with a newly engineered hydrodynamic frame, secure double straps, and FlatLens™ technology. In addition to that, it has polarized lenses that eliminate glare enabling you to see clearly during any race condition.

​They come in Red, Green and Gray and retail for $55. (Believe me, they are well worth the price!)

WANT A FREE PAIR? Comment below. If more than one person comments, I will put all the names in a hat and draw the winner.