When Zim’s came to me and asked me to check out their product, I was reluctant. What’s really different between Zim’s Max-Freeze, Mineral Ice or BioFreeze?

I was pleasantly surprised by Zim’s Max-Freeze. It has the same menthol scent as the other brands but it seems to be more organic. It has organic ilex, aloe and arnica. It also has Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil. It’s greaseless and has a vanishing scent, which means that once you apply the smell goes away quickly.20150517_195151_resized

It definitely feels similar to Mineral Ice and BioFreeze. The menthol seems to seep into your skin making your muscles feel less tense.

I applied it to the back of my neck.  I have issues with the back of my neck. When I get stressed or have been overdoing it, my neck blows up and I really felt a difference. I surprised at how well it worked.

After a recent race, I also applied it to the backs of my legs. They were throbbing and you know what? It did help.

The active ingredient in Zim’s is 3.7% natural menthol.  You can purchase at any local retail store.

My only issue, I used it a couple of times, put it down somewhere and now, I can’t find it anywhere… I guess I have to visit my local CVS, Walgreen’s or Rite Aid and see if I can pick up some more of it!