Book Review: America’s Best Trails – The Most Beautiful Places to Run by Jeff Galloway and Brennan Galloway

As a runner/triathlete, I always seek out new places to explore. It’s nice to train and race on the same courses because you can evaluate your time and your power, but to run in a beautiful place makes all the difference!  That’s what attracted me to get Jeff and Brennan Galloway’s book, America’s Best Trails – The Most Beautiful Places to Run.

The book is laced with amazing photographs of trails around the country. Part 1 explains the Galloway method and provides a synopsis of key terms.

The next part, Jeff and Brennan discuss their favorite marathons. After reading it, I think I want to check out Big Sur Marathon, although there is a hard stop 6 hour time limit. The other marathon/half marathon I want to check out is the Donna held in Jacksonville, FL. This run is a fundraiser for breast cancer research and looks awesome.

This is a perfect book for any runner to have on her bookshelf. If you are traveling, pull it out and see if there is a recommended run in it. Jeff and Brennan describe dozens of amazing places to run including: Garden of the Gods in Colorado, Western States Trail in Squaw Valley, and Cougar Mountain in Seattle, Washington.

He also recommends Central Park in New York City and Red Rock Canyon in Colorado. Most of the places they mentioned, I never heard of but I’m sure if I were to take a year off and travel around the country, they would be worth visiting!

I like that they describe each area, how to get there, and they show where it is on a map. I also like the quick tips and the description of each place.

The book is well-written and well-organized with beautiful photos that make you wonder where you should go next!

America’s Best Trails is a great resource book and one that every runner should have on his/her bookcase.

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