The Triathlete’s Mind Game by Dan Schaefer Ph.D

Imagine, for a moment, that you are standing on the beach preparing to enter the water for your swim.
Looking out into the water you see it covered with floating debris. Fifty gallon drums, railroad ties, slicks full of garbage, plastic debris & other junk.

How well would your swim go?

Allow your mind to run out to your biking and your marathon course. A broken road, construction material, washouts. You get the idea. Many discover that their Mind Game, at times, spreads debris over a playing field or a business environment.
The obstacles, as described, can be seen quite clearly and with some effort can be cleaned up and removed. Consider the impact if all these obstacles were invisible.
You can only control what you can see, hear or feel.
Dan Schaefer, PhD and CEO of Peak Performance Strategies offers the following survey to help you gain your competitive edge. The survey will highlight the debris that may contaminate your performance. The Mind Game Strategies will help you maintain control and to keep it off the course.
Print and fill this out and take yourself to the next level!
Please describe your MIND GAME. What works and what doesn¹t? Take your time, relax, imagine watching yourself.
Where do you want your Swim, Bike, or Run game to be 5 years from now? (Think big.) 1 year from now?
If your Tri and your business intersect in any way, which way?
Where do you want your business to be? 5 years from now?(Think big.) 1 year from now?
Does your personal life & your Tri intersect in any way?
Where do you want your personal life to be 5 years from now? (Think big.) 1 year from now?
What could hold you back or slow your progress in each of the areas you responded to?
What do you hear yourself saying to yourself?
When does it start?
What starts it?
How long does it last?
When does it end?
How does it stop?
How do you stop it?
Is it always your voice?
What switch do you use?
What do you hear yourself saying to yourself about a particular course?
Please list course:
Which TRI Instruction Strategies produce the most self-talk?
The purpose of this survey is to assist you in NOTICING, not changing [yet] the way you speak to yourself. You will only be able to control what you see, hear & feel!
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