Where You’ve Been and Where You’re Going…

Where You’ve Been and Where You’re Going…

There are times when I look back to when I first started training for triathlons. That was back on June 1, 2014. I was training for my first triathlon – the Captiva Tri in Florida.

Here are some of the comments I made to my coach on June 1, 2014:

“It was the first time on a bike in years. I was a little nervous riding in traffic but the boardwalk was great.” Average speed: 9 mph

“I actually went an additional 50+ yards but had the timer on stop. I’m not sure what 4 x 400 is. Is that 1600 yards? If so, that is way too much for now…” Average yardage: 550 yards (and that was a lot)

“I was having a really hard time. I’m thinking because I spent the day in the city and had already walked 6 miles. I guess I’m just feeling tired…” Run: 16:53 per mile

Same day a year later:

“I wouldn’t say this was a relaxer. There were 5 people in a lane. Mostly kids. I’m sure they weren’t thrilled when I went doggy paddling along. But when I went fast I felt like I was flying. I’m not sure what I’m doing after that clinic last weekend. I’m feeling confused about how to swim… but I feel like I’m going faster. Not sure.” Average yards: 2200 yards

“Thank u for believing me! I’m really feeling great that I was able to do this! The weather was perfect and I felt amazing. Loved this ride! I think I prefer going solo… then I can do my own thing…. :)” 33 miles 13 mph

“Obviously I had trouble today. My legs and feet kept cramping. The air was heavy and the cobblestone was rough to run on. At least I forced myself to get outside.” Average pace – 12:27 and 3.2 miles

Same day – June 1, 2016

“I got rained out. Finishing up indoors.” 13.9 mph 7 miles

“I’m glad I did this. I found it very easy and a lot of fun, finally!!!! The first part was drills – shuffle, then cadence. On the cadence drills I watched my watch and noticed that I was at 155 to 170 during the drills. Then, after sneaking into the middle school just as they were about to lock the gate, I went over to the track.” 14.43 speed Ran 5 miles

“Funny how the paddles slow me down. I averaged around 57 on the 50’s. Felt good.” 2350 yards at 1:45 per 100.


Then around June 1, 2017

“I wish I had done this at Heck because it’s a loop. Whenever I got to the end, I would exit and circle the parking lot but I’m sure that threw off my numbers because I was going slow to make those turns.” 14.7 mph

“Open Water Robert Moses… nothing more to say” 1800 yards

“This was my PR!” 12:05 for a 10K


Although I think, have I really come that far, I have and a good way to look at this is to look back at where you were. Then you get a clearer picture of where you are going. Happy Training!