WeRTriathletes Webinar: How to Achieve Your Goals in Running, Triathlon and Ironman!

Earlier this month I spoke with Danielle Sullivan, former pro-triathlete and head coach of WeRTriathletes and Ironfit Endurance, as a part of a live webinar series for WeRTriathletes. Danielle Sullivan started her first triathlon right after college and has been doing triathlons for 20 years. During this webinar Danielle discussed how to achieve our goals in running, triathlons, and Ironman!

What you can learn from this talk:

  • How to get started at a triathlete without getting intimidated.
  • What is a Masters Swimming group?
  • How do you make the transition to open water swimming?
  • What equipment do you really need?
  • When do you know you are ready for a 70.3?
  • How to prioritize your life with triathlon training.
  • How to get faster in transitions.
  • And more!

Watch the the talk to gain insights in how to achieve your goals!

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